• Ely Independence Day Parade

    Enjoyed spending time with the people of Ely while marching in their Independence Day Parade. We had 21 volunteers (22 if you count Truman the dog) who drove the red, white, and blue convertibles, handed out 50 lbs of candy, and gave people the ever-popular Rizer For House notepads.  I shook hundreds of hands, and met lots of great people (many of whom we saw at the pancake breakfast in the morning).

    I even had the opportunity to meet my opponent, Daniel Lundby himself (who promptly welcomed me “to the area”).  I guess he doesn’t know that I lived here years before he was even a twinkle in his father’s eye, was married here, had all 4 of my kids baptized here, and called this area home for the 25 years I was off serving the people of Iowa and all the nation in war and other assignments around the world.  After retiring from the service, it’s good to be home and ready to serve in other ways!