• Branstad/Reynolds to Headline Rizer Rally

    Honored to announce that Governor Terry Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds will headline a Rizer for House Rally on Tues, Oct 28th, at 1:15 pm in the Marion Public Library.  Thrilled that the best governing team in the nation, enroute to their own election win, is taking time in the final week of the campaign to support us!  The rally is open to the public.  I encourage our supporters to wear your Rizer for House t-shirts!

    Proud to serve!

    At the Home Base Iowa Law signing w Gov Branstad & Lt Gov Reynolds

  • Tribute to Veterans Video!

    Check out our new, professionally made Tribute to Veterans video, documenting our fantastic event with Governor Branstad!  You can get to it either on my homepage at www.kenrizer.com, or go straight to the video on You Tube at http://youtu.be/LVUI1bBlOiU.



  • Fall Fundraiser

    Fantastic fall fundraiser last night!  We had nearly 70 people attend, and countless others who contributed but couldn’t be there.  The highlight of the night was hearing Iowa House Speaker Kraig Paulsen speak about the successs of the last legislative session.  It was really enjoyable talking to so many people about their priorities and concerns.

    Thanks to our hosts Peggy and Leland Smithson for opening up their beautiful home, to Speaker Paulsen/Senator Dan Zumbach/Superintendent Mulholland for attending, to Kathy Pearson and Chris Williams for all the prep work, to Debbie Mason for helping w registration, to all of the members of the Host Committee, and finally to all those engaged citizens and supporters who attended.

    After five months, we’ve had two great parades, regular speaking opportunities, strong fundraising, countless meetings w concerned citizens, one house party, and weeks of door-knocking.  The word is spreading and we’re on track.

    Andrew and Anna setting up for our Fall Fundraiser

    Andrew and Anna setting up for our Fall Fundraiser

  • Ely Independence Day Parade

    Enjoyed spending time with the people of Ely while marching in their Independence Day Parade. We had 21 volunteers (22 if you count Truman the dog) who drove the red, white, and blue convertibles, handed out 50 lbs of candy, and gave people the ever-popular Rizer For House notepads.  I shook hundreds of hands, and met lots of great people (many of whom we saw at the pancake breakfast in the morning).

    I even had the opportunity to meet my opponent, Daniel Lundby himself (who promptly welcomed me “to the area”).  I guess he doesn’t know that I lived here years before he was even a twinkle in his father’s eye, was married here, had all 4 of my kids baptized here, and called this area home for the 25 years I was off serving the people of Iowa and all the nation in war and other assignments around the world.  After retiring from the service, it’s good to be home and ready to serve in other ways!