• Gratitude

    In light of last night’s election victory, I’m filled with gratitude.

    Thanks first to Representative Daniel Lundby, who ran a tough campaign and was very gracious in his comments last night.  He and his family have a strong legacy of service to our community.  I intend to continue that legacy of service, putting the people of Marion, Bertram, Ely, and the surrounding parts of Linn County ahead of any partisan, personal, or special interests.

    Thanks to the good Lord and my family for all the support which saw us through to this day.

    Thanks to all those voters who entrusted me with the sacred responsibility to be their Representative; I’m humbled by your support and pledge to work hard to be worthy of it.

    Thanks as well to those voters who supported my opponent.  While you may be disappointed, please know that I intend to well-represent ALL citizens of the district, not just those who voted for me.  In the next couple of months, I’ll be reaching out to many of the groups and individuals who didn’t support me with the intent of better learning your issues and concerns.  We may not agree on everything, but I’ll do my best to understand, respect, and consider your point of view.  As I said in my TV commercial, “we’re not Republicans or Democrats, we’re Iowans.”  We need to work together to solve our problems and make our state an example to the nation.

    Thanks to all those supporters who gave of their time, money, and prayers.  This was truly a team effort; we never would have succeeded without the army of people who door-knocked, walked in parades, stuffed envelopes, put up yard signs, etc.  I am humbled by your dedication.

    Special thanks to Governor Branstad, Senator Grassley, Lt Governor Reynolds, Speaker Paulsen and Chairman Kaufmann, all of whom believed in me and went above and beyond to support me.  Thanks as well to all the candidates and their staffs up and down the ballot, particularly to the Governor & our new Congressman Rod Blum, who worked closely with our team throughout the campaign.  Working independently we were good, working together we were a force to be reckoned with.

    Finally, thanks to Sam Pritchard, Chris Williams, Angie Beer, Lauren Page, Renee Schulte, the Smithsons, Richard Bice, Kathy Pearson, Kim Reem, Deb Foster, Mike Dulaney and countless others who lived and breathed this campaign for a year and a half.  I was proud to be associated with such a great team.

    I ran on a platform of individual liberty, lower taxes, limited government, and getting our education back to #1 in the country.  I pledged to conduct my campaign and subsequent service with integrity, service, and excellence.  The time for talk is over.  Let’s get to work!

    Acceptance Speech



  • Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Event

    Had the distinguished honor of appearing with US Senate candidates Sam Clovis, David Young, and US House candidate Rod Blum at an event in Bertram sponsored by the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition.