• Swamp Fox Parade & Other Campaign Updates


    We just concluded our best week of the campaign!  It started with Marion’s Swamp Fox Parade.  I was honored to have Lt Governor Kim Reynolds walking side by side with me, followed by a sea of blue Branstad/Reynolds and Rizer For House shirts & signs.  She is a high energy and inspiring leader.  By the time we started the parade, we had almost 80 volunteers!  We handed out over 100 lbs of candy and 1000 Rizer For House notepads, and I shook hundreds of hands.  People really appreciated seeing Curtis Smith in his vintage 1950 Army Jeep, as well as Brett & Doreen Vasey in the original Adam West Batmobile from the 60s.  Special thanks to Jim Henderson for driving our utility vehicle & trailer, as well as for Billboard Bob representing on his Harley.  It couldn’t have been a better event!

    Rizer ReynoldsRizer Reynolds Swamp Fox






    Rizer Parade


    Rizer For House Batmobile












    Our ad campaign is kicking into high gear.  We launched our first internet 15″ and 30″ ads, which by the end of the week had 54,000 impressions and about 15,000 clicks a piece.  At the end of the week, we sent out our very first of many mailings to district voters, with an endorsement by Governor Terry Branstad.

    Our door-knocking campaign is continuing according to schedule, and I and our team have knocked over 8500 doors.  I’ve met tens of thousands of people from across the political spectrum, and have heard directly from them about their concerns.  By the time early voting starts next week, we will have knocked every single street in the district.

    Finally, we had our best fundraising week of the summer, raising $5200.  That puts us at over $67,000 raised for the entire campaign, which provides enough of a war chest to get our message out to the people.

    All in all, the campaign is going GREAT!  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.

  • Swamp Fox Parade

    Had a fantastic showing at the Swamp Fox Parade in Marion on Saturday.  We had three beautiful convertibles, 40 volunteers, and handed out more than 100 pounds of candy as well as thousands of palm cards and notepads.  I enjoyed shaking as many hands as possible, and got a kick out of the crowd’s positive reaction when the announcer said, “Marion needs an early Rizer!”  Thanks to all the volunteers who made this happen!