Military & Non-Profit Leader

image-8I’m a military and non-profit leader who wants to make a positive difference for our community. I intend to listen to and well-represent the issues, beliefs, and desires of our citizens, serving them with integrity and vigor.  I will stand by my principles, but will be willing to find common ground when possible to get results that best serve the interests of all.  I will not shy away from voicing my opinion, but will do my level best to treat respectfully those with whom I disagree.

Champion for Individual Freedom


Because I take Iowa’s motto seriously (“Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”), I’m a champion for individual freedom.  That’s why I’ll stand strong for the unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness outlined by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.  I believe in the right to life, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, and  Iowa’s right under the 10th Amendment to resist our ever intrusive federal government.

Economic Freedom

imageI believe in economic freedom.  In order to unleash the full potential of every individual, family, or farm/small business, I support low taxes on income, property, and corporate earnings to reward hard work, stimulate the economy, lower unemployment, and increase living standards.  I trust the people to make the best decisions about how to spend their money, rather than entrusting state or federal bureaucrats.

Government is a Steward


I believe government should do only those things that the people can’t do better themselves.  As good stewards of the people’s money, government should live within its means.  While government should provide a hand up (rather than a hand out) to those  most in need, it should do so in order to empower people to achieve their full potential rather than to create long-term dependency.


Education Gateway to the American Dream

imageFinally, I believe that education and training are the gateways to the American dream and the key to Iowa’s future.  We must take steps to ensure that our children and citizens are the most educated, literate, and well-trained in the nation.  To achieve this goal, I support student-focused funding, school choice, innovation, promotion of teacher excellence, and accountability.


Our readers said:

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  1. Mary Yacovone-Riepe says:

    Mr. Rizer,

    I came home from work the other day here in Marion with a nice leaflet and writing tablet from you stating “The brownies look great” in reference to someone whom left them on my door step. 🙂

    Before I vote for anyone, there is something extremely important to me that I must ask your position on: I am an animal advocate. I speak for those “who have no voice”. I fight “Puppy Mills”. What is your stance on this subject? What is your position on two business in our area (Petland in Iowa City and Pet’s Playhouse in Cedar Rapids) that factually sells animals from such mills?

    Have a blessed evening and thank you for your time.

    Mary Yacovone-Riepe

    • Tricia Kummer says:

      I would also like to know your stance on fighting Puppy Mills? Could you please provide an answer?

      Thank you,

      Tricia Kummer

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